Tapioca Coconut Wrap Mixes

The Tapioca Coconut Wrap Mix was developed by Tracy Lee Son in 2011, a mother of 3 kids struggling with what to feed them that did NOT contain gluten, yeast, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners and was simply not REAL FOOD. After reading the book by Laureen’s Maas entitled ‘The Hidden Cure’ lent to her by a friend she was inspired by his way of eating. She came up with this recipe and her friends liked it so much that it was put into production. When she visited Laureen’s Maas on a vacation trip to Barbados she took some wraps to show him what he had inspired. A few weeks later he wrote her asking if he could endorse the product, this endorsement can be found at the back of each package of which she is very proud.

The Tapioca Coconut Wrap tastes like a crepe without the vices that a crepe has to offer like sugar, heavy cream, etc. In fact, 2 wraps contain less than one gram of sugar so it makes it a great option for anyone wanting to limit their sugar content or have gluten sensitivities. (Celiacs, Cancer patients, Diabetics, Renal patients -kidney patients, persons suffering from yeast infections, Cardiac patients and those suffering from high blood pressure, persons wanting to lose weight, and those who want to give their family the best bread alternative on the market). It is made with 3 simple ingredients – Tapioca Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, and Ground Flaxseed.


Single, Dozen

1 review for Tapioca Coconut Wrap Mixes

  1. Caitlin Ross

    I love these wraps! They are a great gluten-free, healthy alternative to bread and taste great with a variety of different foods.

    • Tracy Leeson

      Thank you Caitlin, so glad you like them

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