I was not always interested in health and like most of us thought of my body as invinsibile and that I could eat anything I wanted. It was only when I had my first child that I became more health conscious. I noticed that my daughter displayed symtoms of ADHD. I did extensive research as I did not want to put her on medication and found out that food colouring and sugar affected her behaviour and performance. I also discovered that when preparing to have a child one should be in the best condition possible to pass on the best genes to that child. At that same time persons close to me were suffering with lifestyle diseases and medication was the only option. I needed to find a better way. That was the beginning of my journey that led me the the largest nutrition school in the world – The Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York. Since then I have been able to help my clients reduce their high cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lose weight and feel great about themselves.

I am also the inventor and manufacturer of The Tapioca Coconut Wrap Mix – A gluten free, yeast free, preservative free bread alternative mix that you can make at home for yourself in just a few short minutes.


REAL FOOD DAY, co-founded by Tracy Lee Son, was first celebrated on 25th July 2014. Health coaches of Trinidad and Tobago got together to create awareness about the importance of REAL FOOD. Companies around the country were asked to wear GREEN if they believed that “Food from a plant was better for you than food made in a Food processing Plant” The results were astounding and were featured in the local newspapers. We hope to make it an international event.

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