I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2011. Back then, I experienced general body stiffness and extreme fatigue. For some time after the diagnosis, I managed the condition through careful diet and exercise with no need for pain medication. However, two years ago, the symptoms worsened drastically. I had joint pain in my hands, shoulders, elbows, feet and as with most RA stories, the pain was migratory, moving from one joint to another with little or no relief. Many times, I could not walk properly or go to work. A few people suggested the use of a cane. Conventional RA medication was still a last resort as I was afraid of the severe side effects. However, the pain was debilitating so I resorted to using steroid injections, Prednisone and NSAIDS, all the while still trying through my diet. To summarize, these drugs weakened my system severely and once they wore off the pain returned ever worse than before. By the time Tracy recommended the Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse, I was so weak that I had fever, chills, excruciating pain all over and lacked joint stability. With careful coaching from Tracy, I miraculously completed the cleanse despite my condition. The day after the cleanse, I felt an increase in energy but the pain remained. Three days later, ALL the pain left my body. I remember it feeling as if rust was falling off my joints. While I have had mild joint pain from time to time since then...these 'flares' settle fast and have gotten fewer and fewer. Everyday, my physical strength improves. I have never had to use ANY pain medication since that first flush. I am now planning my third Liver and Gallbladder Flush. I am now also 19 weeks medication free. I would recommend this Liver flush to anyone living with chronic pain, especially other RA patients. It was an answered prayer. I also wish to add that even though I was eating healthy, it did not make that much difference to my pain until I cleansed my liver.
My doctor did some tests and I was diagnosed as pre diabetic and put on the usual medication for life. My glucose readings were very high. A few weeks later I made contact with Tracy and was introduced to the liver flush. We had a phone session. She explained a lot to me about the liver flush and other health practices, then we had a follow up face to face meeting where she got me started. I did one flush in December 2019 and positive results were felt immediately. My glucose level decreased and remains steady between 90 - 104 daily. I lost about 3 lbs. and my energy level is up. I feel better than I have in months and am looking forward to a second flush. Tracy continues to be genuinely most supportive throughout this journey. Thank you Tracy! Goodbye medication!
For a long time I've battled with numerous ailments as symptoms of endometriosis or nerve damage what this means is that I've endured pain on a daily basis, until I encountered Tracy who led me to an understanding of the benefits of gut health through diet management and lifestyle changes. Since then I've lost 20lbs with some more to go and my daily discomfort has significantly decreased, but what I am most grateful for is the knowledge that allows me to make better life choices for a more valued existence.
The following is a factual recall, a journal of sort... I wish to thank God in a special way for Covid 19 because 2020 is by far my best year ever. It is the year God got my attention and the year that I got my attention and love at long last. It took 52 years to get here and so many people to thank for being instrumental in this journey. My many psychologists/counselors who know who they are, my friends and family and especially my Mummy and even my Daddy (deceased). I also thank those who criticized me and envied me or even hated me because they propelled me forward as I learned to move forward regardless of their opinions. I also need to add that I love them, for as Jesus commanded us to "love your enemies", I discovered that there is a secret blessing when we do so and many of these people transformed to being my admirers through the process.

Here goes... for most of my life I did not like myself (sometimes I truly despised myself... but that is for another place) and for many years I was gaining weight and becoming more and unhealthier. My energy levels were low, I had depressive tendencies (including post-partum syndrome for 4 years), and I felt sick a lot of the time. My heart began doing strange things on a nightly basis and I was told it was probably pre-menopause and anxiety (a sexy word meaning FEAR) so I tried to accept it and live with it but something kept nagging me. I finally did a full blood screening and discovered that within 1 year my risk ratio (Total Cholesterol/HDL Good Cholesterol) had gone from High-Normal of 3.5 (Sept 2019) to full blown HIGH of 7.56 (Sept 2020). Facing the obvious that I was going to have serious health challenges if I did not decide to take some very serious steps was necessary, all the years of playing Russian Roulette with my body and saying that I did not have to abide by anyone's ideologies of health haunted me day and night. I just had to realize that my body, my temple, deserved as much care as other aspects of my life or I would not live to enjoy the other aspects.

I have a young son and God knows I want to be around when he grows old. So, I needed something to change. Change presented itself in some new unchartered ways. I discovered Mindfulness practice at a level that I had not known before thanks to my dear friend Kaylan Bartholomew. This coupled with some stretching and relaxation and core strengthening exercises began to captivate my love for my body and desire to give it all I got. My personal physician J. Perreira-Sabga was invaluable as she believed in me and supported me and continues to do so now.

"Love you (love your own self)!" was God's message and I could not deny it any longer, this was my way forward. So the next thing that happened was, as I told a few trusted friends of my situation, I was given the name of a health coach, Tracey Lee Son. Words are hard to find to express the way this little lady has impacted my life. She gave freely of her time and advice and then she counselled me to start the process of regaining my health through paying attention to my "GUT" yes, digestion! Starting with an Epson Salts cleanse followed by 10 days of Liver cleansing tea. I immediately responded by loosing a whopping 13 lbs. and my blood pressure hit an all time low and has never climbed since. I am learning principles of food combining and how to eliminate toxic foods and other toxic sources from my life. I cannot ever tell this story without the biggest shout out of gratitude to Tracey! Thank you my dear for helping change my life. She assisted me to make the choices to give up caffeine, dairy, SUGAR (which was my addiction from childhood), wheat and gluten, to consume 12 -15 glasses of 'good' water daily, to use probiotics and K2..7 and Zeolite to get rid of toxins in my body and the list goes on and on.

The thing is IT worked. In 3 weeks my risk ratio went to 2.75 and with the exercise routine that I started my energy levels are soaring and I know the best is yet to come. I must mention that having strong supportive friends and family also made a huge difference too plus I needed to decide not to have stressful people in my life to the best of my ability to eliminate them. It's not that I don't love them all but I want to live and not die and it is part of the equation.

Finally, to my friends and readers of this 'write', you need to know that health and well-being are within our reach and not out there somewhere. Firstly Jesus made it freely available for "By His stripes we are healed continually". We can access it by pausing and receiving Jesus' healing sacrifice whilst choosing to love ourselves. The latter is something that no-one will ever do for us but we can all do it for ourselves and pray and encourage others to join in the journey. Thank you my Lord and my people!!!!
L. Thomas
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